Teach East London Teaching School Alliance (TELTSA)

We are proud to be strategic partners within the Teach East London Teaching School Alliance (TELTSA). The following section from the statement of application for Teaching School status summarises the TELTSA rationale:

An alliance of our schools is an opportunity to maintain and increase the recruitment of high quality teaching and support staff to support the needs of children and schools in Tower Hamlets. We will fully exploit our unique context to provide experience across a wide range of settings within very close geographical proximity: with our strategic partners we will offer experiences from nursery to post 16, in both mixed and single sex institutions including a special school.
The alliance schools share a cross phase focus on literacy development beyond 1:1 interventions. Literacy is a national priority, but the specific needs in Tower Hamlets will remain in a society facing an increase in child poverty and deprivation. In this respect our broad experience of supporting pupils with special educational needs will be essential in supporting trainees’ experience of planning and delivering lessons to support an extensive range of need. Also the secondary schools offer a broad range of specialisms; performing and visual arts, languages, maths and business studies.

Partner Schools

Other partner schools within TELTSA are as follows:

  • Bonner Primary School (Joint Lead School)
  • Morpeth Secondary School (Joint Lead School)
  • Bangabandhu Primary School
  • Ben Jonson Primary School
  • Chisenhale Primary School
  • Clara Grant Primary School
  • Globe Primary School
  • Hermitage Primary School
  • John Scurr Primary School
  • Malmesbury Primary School
  • Olga Primary School
  • Redlands Primary School
  • Rachel Keeling Nursery School
  • Phoenix Special School
  • George Greens Secondary School
  • Langdon Park Secondary School
  • Oaklands Secondary School
  • Stepney Green Boys’ Secondary School

TELTSA Newsletters

Professional Development

Since TELTSA was formed a range of professional opportunities have been offered to support the further development of the excellent practice across our schools. These include:

  • Joint training days
  • Specialist Heads of Department Meetings
  • A course for teachers in the second year of their career
  • Courses leading to national professional qualifications for middle and senior leaders (NPQML and NPQSL) and placements for head teacher training (NPQH)
  • Cross phase literacy moderation Early Years to Year 7
  • Sharing of school data
  • Cross phase literacy training
  • Joint governors’ training
  • Joint initial teacher training events
  • Mentor Training
  • Research

We are also currently setting up a Peer Review procedure to further enhance the sharing of good practice and further development of our schools to ensure a consistent teaching and learning experience for the staff and pupils in our community.
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