Nursery Admissions

We have a double nursery unit which provides for a maximum of 52 children in the morning and 52 children in the afternoon.  These 52 places consist of both full time and part time places. Part time places are offered initially unless special circumstances exist.  Full time places are offered when both staff and parents feel the child is ready to attend full time and there is a full time place available.
Parents may register their child for nursery at any time after the age of 2 and these names are kept on the waiting list.
At John Scurr we believe that nursery education should be a right for all children but at times there may be more children on the waiting list than there are places available.  At these times choices have to be made. All children on the waiting list are considered for a place using the following criteria:
i.         special educational needs
ii.       siblings in school
iii.      distance from home to school

Parents are notified under normal circumstances by letter in the term prior to the child’s entry to nursery. Home visits are then made.  Parents are then invited to an induction day, at the beginning of the term of entry, when they visit with their child, admission forms are completed and starting dates are given.  We do our best to accommodate parent’s preferences for am and pm places but this is not always possible.

Children actually start nursery as near as possible after they are 3 years old.  Admissions are therefore staggered. Those children who attend our nursery will mostly be able to transfer to one of the reception classes if parents wish, when the time comes.  This has many benefits for the child in terms of continuity.  However a place at John Scurr nursery does not mean automatic transfer to one of the reception classes.
If at any time the number of children on the waiting list for transfer to the reception classes exceeds the number of places available, choices will be made by the Headteacher and the Early Years Coordinator based on the aforementioned criteria.

Parents of those children not attending our nursery and wishing a place in a reception class contact the headteacher and make arrangements for their child to be placed on the waiting list.
Parents are notified by the headteacher in the summer term if their application for a place has been successful or not.  If we are unable to offer a place we are happy to advise parents of the Local Education Authority’s appeals procedure and other local schools.

Admissions for 5 year olds

John Scurr School is designated to admit 60 children reaching the age of 5 between the 1 September and the following 31 August i.e. reception infants.
Admissions to Reception begin to be organised in the autumn prior to a September start.

Admissions are handled by the Tower Hamlets Local Authority

Parents need to apply as soon as possible to the LA for Reception places using the common admissions form.
Click on the link below to go to the LA website.


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