Food and Healthy Eating

The Felix Project – Tackling Food Waste

Helping our most vulnerable families here at John Scurr

The Felix Project is now up and running and is about reducing food waste and supporting families who struggle financially to buy food.
Fresh fruit and vegetables will be delivered to John Scurr to reduce food waste. Our parents will be able to take a bag of food home that would have otherwise gone to waste.

To support the Felix Project we will try and give each year group an opportunity to sample a bag of food to take home that is delivered to John Scurr. Food will be given to each child to take home on Fridays.

Please enjoy this food and use it to cook your meals at home. If you get a chance take a photograph of your meal and send it in via mail or twitter to share with us. We want the Felix Project to know that we appreciate their food and want to support the reduction of food waste in this country

Tackling Food Poverty

Click to read an article about tackling food poverty during Covid-19 on the Teach Now website

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