Our House Colours

20 Points – Future focused

  • Attending any clubs regularly outside of school
  • Performance in assemblies or concerts
  • Perfect attendance for club/readiness
  • Winning a competition
  • 100% attendance tea party

10 Points – Excellence

  • Using great Oracy and listening skills – throughout the school
  • Demonstrating responsibility
  • Attending a competition
  • Contributing to school activities and celebrations – joining a ASC
  • Helping the lunchtime staff
  • Getting a Gold Behaviour certificate
  • Class Hot Chocolate Challenge Day winner!

5 Points – Behaving like a champion!

  • Including someone new or lonely at playtime
  • Improved attendance
  • Showing resilience
  • Leadership in lessons
  • Contribution to our class, our online platforms, our school and our community – Freckle, Accelerated Reader, PVC application, Harvest collections, class monitor etc

1 point – Making others say “Wow!”

  • Showing good sportsmanship in PE and playtime
  • Independently – helping others
  • Finishing any task, including homework ‘The Best That you Can Be’ or 5Rs!
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