School Council

John Scurr School Council meets once a fortnight. The council is elected from Years 1 to 6 by their classmates, and comprises two children from each class. The children vote for people who will be responsible, hard working and caring. The councillors have a range of important jobs to do for the school, and all children take their role very seriously.
Here are a few examples of our work:
Pupil Voice
The School Council designed our feedback form for Pupil Voice in John Scurr so that all children’s views could be accurately shared. Children collected data across the school.
Holiday activities: research and recommendations
In conjunction with Rofina, our Home School Liaison Officer, School Council has published lists of events and activities to encourage active learning during school holidays. The children have advertised these events in assembly.

We are very proud of our School Councillors at John Scurr, and we know that this is a great experience in leadership for the children who take on this important work.

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